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Railway design Software

Strato® is the software for railway design, both for low and for high speed. The profile and sections can be single or double truck and it is possible to verify the kinematic. Special features are provided for rectifying existing railway lines.

Rectification of existing rail tracks

The railway design module allows you to perform all design modification and subsequent verification of an existing railway line.

Track changes are distinguished in planimetric and altimetric, in particular:

  • Acquisition of the survey of existing track, performed by external polygonal track, encoded for points on the odd track and even track and for points external to the rails.
  • Interactive definition of the project axes on the track even and odd, complete of parameters fore each curve with immediate verification of planimetric deviations from existing axis.
  • Interactive creation of existing axes relative to odd and even track passing through detected point.
  • Extraction of profiles of existing axes with calculation of the progressive related to the relative axes of the project.
  • Altimetric design of project livellettes, complete of vertical slips road, with immediate control of altimetric variations than existing project.
  • Return of complete plans of survey project.
  • Design of longitudinal profiles of survey and project.
  • Printing outs relating to:
    • Fixed points of even and odd tracks, with reported descriptions of fixed points detected, plano-altimetric coordinates of project axis.
    • ScostamentiMeasurement of the displacement of the even and odd track, with reported descriptions of fixed point, progressive relative to project axis of the same and of the constant points, partial progressive between a fixed point and the following.
    • OstacoliDeviations of the new track from the existing one with reference to the even and odd track, with reported descriptions of surveyed points on the existing track, progressives of project axis, raise and planimetric deviation of project than the existing track, plano-altimetric coordinates of project axis.
    • Cinematic verifications concerning the various ranks with reported: speed, centrifugal acceleration not compensated and its variation, rotation speed (roll) in limit values and calculated ones.