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Fire fighting

Software Fire Prevention

CPI win® is the family of leading software in Italy to solve in a professional, fast and intuitive way all the issues related to the fire prevention.
Created in 1995, today is the most complete suite that allows you to operate according to the new regulation of Fire Safety Engineering (FSE).
The suite allows you to:

  • compose all the documents necessary to obtain and/or renew the Fire Prevention Certificate;
  • design fire-fighting systems, even the most complex;
  • to verify, with tabular and/or analytic method, the fire resistance of structures.

CPI win® allows also the analysis of the fire’s phenomenon and the evacuation of people through real simulations based on the FDS and EVAC models.


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App CPI win Note


Con l’app CPI win Note specifica per i sopralluoghi di prevenzione incendi, puoi raccogliere tutti ...
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Namirial CPI win Attività

CPI win Attività

Il primo e unico software ufficialmente rispondente ai requisiti tecnici individuati dalla ...
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Namirial Sismosprink


Born from the precious and competent collaboration between Namirial and Hilti Italy, ...
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Namirial CPI win FSE

Software Fire Safety Engineering – FSE – Namirial Construction

There is an easy, accurate and at the same time revolutionary way ...
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Namirial CPI win Impianti

Software for the Fire Sprinkler and Hydrant system design – CPI win Impianti

CPI win SPIDI (SPRINKLER & HYDRANTS) is the tailor-made Italian Software created ...
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Namirial CPI win REI

Verification of Fire Resistance of Structures – CPI win REI

CPI win® REI is the Namirial best solution for analytical verification of ...
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