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Topography and road design

Strato® is the surveying and road design software completely customizable thanks to its modular structure.
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Strato® is a entirely Italian specialized product, designed and developed by Carazzai Ltd, which for nearly thirty years serving professionals in the field of surveying and engineering. Strato® is the first software dedicated to topography and road design developed in Italy, which, since the eighties, has undergone a constant evolution, while maintaining the same outstanding processing capabilities, always ensuring top performance to satisfy even the most demanding professional.

Strato® is a complete program, able to operate at 360 °, both in the field of topography, and in design, and is able to respond at the most different business needs. Its point of strength lies in the total adaptability: with Strato® indeed we promise that you can build your software and modify it at any time based on your real needs. All this thanks to an integrated system of application modules that can operate either independently, which interconnected. This allows your choose to purchase now the type of configuration that best fits your job and change it at any time if your needs change.

All Strato® application modules are in fact activated in real time: we just send you the new activation code to be operational soon!

Whatever the size and complexity of your project, you can achieve it with Strato®, without wasting time and money.

  • Mathematical model of the terrain: The calculation of the mathematical model of the soil is knitted triangular with different algorithms for topography surveys, aerial, for sections and with laser scanners. You can choose how you want to insert the lines of discontinuity: manually (by selecting the point to point ), semi-automatic (search for points with the same code), fully automatic.
  • Extraction of profiles and sections: Automatic extraction of profiles and sections from the terrain model. Sections and profiles can be obtained by just measuring points without using the mathematical model: Strato® also provides the ability to align the refernce points on the reference line.
  • Calculation of volumes: A specific print report lists in detail the planimetric coordinates and the height difference of prisms, justifying the result obtained. This guarantees the highest accuracy possible. Is also possible to obtain the planimetry with defined areas of excavation detected.
  • Polygonal: Strato® processes all planimetric measurements or plano elevation performed by polygon, trilateration, leveling. In addition, corrects them for terrestrial sphericity, refraction or projection on a reference plane. For each station you can perform multiple layers of measures with automatic reduction to a single average reading.
  • Least Squares: The compensation is rigorous with the method of least squares. In addition, the program allows you to store the history of processing multiple surveys for the subsequent numerical and graphical representation of the deviations plano altimetric.
  • Cadastral survey: You can elaborate format cadastral surveys planimetric, plano altimetric, in rectangular coordinates. Strato® allows you, through rototranslation interactive or automatic, to orient or relocate the type of map in any reference system: in this way, if you use transparency in a raster image and/or vector, you can obtain the exact ovelapping of the drawings.
  • The design of the leveling is done directly on the terrain model and it is totally interactive; positioning takes place with the setting of the heights on three points or by the height of two points and the gradient of third. The calculation of the intersection of the planes on the escarpment of the terrain model (contour leveling) is automatic. The three-dimensional representation of the project is immediate, fully interactive and easy to make.
Strato DRIVER free download
With Strato® you can capture all your data in just a few clicks.
Surveys performed with RPAS (Remote Piloted Aircraft System)
On the points cloud detected with RPAS you can perform points classification, direct extraction of profiles and sections, interpolation with the possibility of grid correction.
Mathematical terrain model. Profiles and sections extraction. Volumes calculation.
Land registry and cadastre
Strato® - Poligonal. Least squares. Cadastral survey.
Levelling, quarry and landfill
Levelling design is done directly on the terrain model and it’s totally interactive...
Road design
Choose your ideal configuration for road design according to your needs. You can upgrade to a higher version in 10 minutes!
Railway design
Railway design covers both the low and high speed. Profiles and sections can be single or double track and you can make the kinematics verification.
Dynamic view of the project
The module dedicated to the 3d view of the project with whom you can really go your road!
Tunnel sections
The tunnel design module, available in two versions: laser scanner and total station.
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