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Free surveying software

Strato® Driver

Strato® Driver is the surveying software completely free that allows you to record your data in a few clicks!

What does Strato® Driver?

  • Download and transfer of data from surveying instrument to PC.StratoDRIVER_eng
  • Rotation and translation of the survey.
  • Print the tabulation of the booklet of measures and coordinates of points.
  • Export of the booklet in several formats, with the ability to set the number of decimal places for angles, distances and squares.
  • Export survey in DXF format(both two-dimensional and three-dimensional) with graphical objects (points, point names, text of altitude, ecc.) on separate layers.
  • Code library with support for the dual code.
  • Added the new surveying instruments from which to download data.
  • Ability to add, edit and delete points.
  • Editing of the booklet.
  • View and print files created with Strato® (file.plt).
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